Twin Slot Shelving CHROME Uprights and Bracket Adjustable Strong Rack Wall Shelf

Twin Slot Shelving CHROME Uprights and Bracket Adjustable Strong Rack Wall Shelf

Twin Slot Shelving CHROME Uprights and Bracket Adjustable Strong Rack Wall Shelf

GAFFA TAPE & FRAGILE TAPE. GARMENT RAIL TUBING & ACC. Market Stall Sheets & Acc. Size Cube & Rail Divider.

Wall Mounted Rail & Acc. Twin Slot Shelving CHROME Uprights and Brackets Adjustable Strong Rack Wall Shelf. COMPATIBLE - Our 32 mm pitch twin slot range is designed to be compatible with most twin slot systems allowing you to extend your existing storage, or giving you flexibility to expand in the future. ADJUSTABLE - The twin slot system makes adjusting your shelves quick and easy.

Shelves can be set to any height allowing you store products of various sizes, and changed to a new height whenever you need. DURABLE - The steel construction and high load capacity make our twin slot range extremely hard-wearing. Ideal for commercial use in offices, retail, schools and libraries or for home use in the living room, office or bedroom.

430mm, 710mm, 1000mm, 1600mm, 1980mm, 2400mm Long Twin Slot Wall Fixed Uprights For Use With 32mm Twin Slot Brackets. System Allows You To Create Multiple Rows of Shelving at Varying Heights To Suit Your Needs. Features Anti-Microbial Powder Coating Making It Ideal For Healthcare Environments. Use With Twin Slot Brackets Available In Varying Lengths From 120mm to 610mm. Uprights have a maximum load of 2900kg and are available in 430mm, 710mm, 1000mm, 1600mm, 1980mm & 2400mm lengths.

2400mm: 6 Fixings per Upright. 1980mm: 6 Fixings per Upright. 1600mm: 5 Fixings per Upright. 1200mm: 4 Fixings per Upright. 1000mm: 4 Fixings per Upright.

710mm: 3 Fixings per Upright. 430mm: 2 Fixings per Upright. 170mm: 2 Fixings per Upright.

Shelf brackets are available in 120mm, 170mm, 220mm, 270mm, 320mm, 470mm & 610mm lengths. The maximum load for brackets.

We send out emails once we have received confirmation from the warehouse. Exclusions; Please note this policy doesn't apply on items such as, Made to order, Slatwall, Counters and showcases, Cladding column. If the items are faulty when it's delivered, we ask that you report it to us within.

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Twin Slot Shelving CHROME Uprights and Bracket Adjustable Strong Rack Wall Shelf